You Puked! Now Pony Up

Turns out the bad tips from college students are only the tip of the iceberg. The Daily Pennsylvanian highlights what some restaurants have done to combat raucous college students who have made life miserable for restaurateurs. And nowhere seemed to have more problems than El Azteca who had to do something to reign in the abhorrent behavior.

The result was a restrictive contract that every group of six or more now has to sign if its members want to enjoy the restaurant’s atmosphere – for instance, clients now have to pay $50 if they throw up in the restaurant.

“A few people puked at the table last year, and one guy punched a hole in the wall of the bathroom,” said Oscar Agular, a manager at El Azteca. College students “are pretty out of control when they start getting drunk. We needed to protect ourselves.”

You threw up in my restaurant? That’ll be 50 bucks
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