Tori’s Raw Bar & Ceviche Tasting

This Thursday Tori’s Southwestern & Mediterranean Grill is hosting a Mediterranean Raw Bar & Ceviche Tasting. Enjoy six courses paired with cocktails and wines.

Enjoy specialties such as
$75 per person. Details after the jump.

Red Snapper Tartare with tomatoes, basil, chives, citrus zest & juice, capers and white balsamic vinegar, and the Squid & Shrimp Ceviche with sun-dried tomatoes, cilantro, white mushrooms and kalamata olives.

Other spicy additions to the menu are the Southwestern Steak Tartare with roasted jalapenos served on a tortilla chip, alongside the Tuna Tartare Relenos with stuffed poblano, avocado cream, and tuna-cilantro mayo.