Blind Item: New York Style Deli

Can you guess what this restaurant this for sale listing could be for?

It’s a two-story New York style deli located in Center City. The asking price is $500,000 and doesn’t include the real estate.

Spotless, New York Style Deli, excellent equipment, All food except the pastrami is cooked on site. Brisket, Blitzes, Corned beef, Stuffed cabbage, beautiful cakes and pastries. Rugalach, Salads (macaroni, potato salad, Cole slaw etc). Knish, Kasha bow tie and so much more.
2500 sq. feet of dining on two floors, seating for 80, TV s on both floors, walk-in freezers and refrig. Convection oven, grilles, fryers, steam tables, prep tables, stoves, 3 slicers, beautiful showcases for food and pastries, and more.