Picanha Brazilian Grill

We chow down on the Metro’s look at Picanha, and give you the digest.
Philadelphia is getting a couple of Brazilian steakhouses in the coming months, but why wait when authentic churrascaria is awaiting you in the Northeast?
Picanha Brazilian Grill is located at 6501 Castor Avenue and is ready to serve you in its all-you-can-eat best. The specialty is sirloin steak cut for you at the table. “Perfectly seasoned, proving that apparently one’s eyes can roll back in delight more than once per slice.” Also available to gorge yourself on is a continual rotation of meats, sirloin, flank steak, chicken, sausage, and pork.
At a reasonable $23 a person, enjoy the meat and “the strongest, richest coffee of your life.”

Unfortunately the story is not on the Metro web site but if you want to page through the .PDF online or read it in the paper, it’s on page 20.