Eagles Wake-Up Call: Birds’ Words Ring Hollow

The Eagles are 3-5 again, same as last year.

Sloppy play. Self-inflicted wounds. Questions about whether they care. It’s all there. And, after their fourth straight loss, the talk about the  head coach’s job security is again the dominant topic.

And the players, like in 2011, are defending Andy Reid. They say it is motivation to play better.

While the sentiment may be genuine, everything seems much more robotic the second time around. This is history repeating, Monday confirmed. With that knowledge, it’s hard to buy into words that we know won’t prove out.

If there is such a deep desire to save the coach, why has the team played flat for much of the last two years?  Have they unknowingly lost that connection with Reid? Do they not have enough players on the team that buy in? Are they just not that talented, despite their high opinion of themselves?

Whatever the case, it all goes back to Reid, seeing as he is the man who signed off on each of the 53 players on this team. Whether it’s personnel or coaching, it’s on him.

And so begins the eight-week march towards the inevitable end. There will be talk along the way of keeping the faith and rallying for Reid and such. But the season’s fate — and Reid’s fate — is all but cemented. After 1 1/2 seasons of utter disappointment, it seems to be just a matter of time.

Last time around, Jeffrey Lurie kept Reid, who preached consistency and decided to keep the majority of his team in tact. He bet on these players rising to the occasion in his make-or-break campaign. They have not. And after this season, their shelter will be taken from them. Focus will be off the head coach and onto the game film.

“We’re all grown men. This is our profession and what we do. If guys aren’t responding, eventually it will come back to bite them in the butt,” said Jeremy Maclin. “This is what you do, you’re supposed to take pride in what you do. I don’t know what’s going on — that’s up to the coaches and everybody else to evaluate and see how guys are going out there and see what they’re doing.”

If this team will not fight for its coach, maybe they will fight in the name of self-preservation.


Sheil gives his instant observations from the 28-13 loss to the Saints.

Reid offers a “simple synopsis” of the humbling defeat.

The offensive line is crumbling in front of Michael Vick. The loss of Todd Herremans makes a bad situation worse.

Vick’s brother, Marcus, teed off on Twitter Monday night. Michael was forced to deal it.


Gregg Rosenthal over at NFL.com lays out the various scenarios for Sean Payton at the end of the year. One is coming to Philadelphia.

It’s a long shot — and would require the Eagles’ free fall to continue — but it makes some sense. Payton worked in Philadelphia before. He’s one of the only coaches who wouldn’t feel like a step down from Andy Reid. The Eagles are an attractive organization for any coach, and they are willing to make bold moves.

Meanwhile, former Redskin Fred Smoot believes the Redskins should bring in Andy Reid.

“Think about what you’ve got with an Andy Reid combination with RGIII. He’s actually going to get to play quarterback with a coach like that. Not running back, not receiver, not doing all this stuff. He will get to play quarterback.”


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