What They’re Saying About the Eagles

Here’s a roundup of what the national media are saying about all things concerning the Eagles:

The team’s 19-17 win over the Giants hasn’t exactly won them national acclaim. Cris Carter, appearing on Mike & Mike, is unmoved by the Eagles and their 3-1 record.

“Philly? Not impressed with what they did,” said Carter. “I am impressed that Andy Reid has a gameplan where he can run the football. The difference from the first half and the second half was drastic as far as the emphasis on the run, got LeSean McCoy going in that second half. They’re going to have to play more of that style. If they play that style, they have a good chance of winning the division.”

Similarly, Merril Hoge is reluctant to endorse Reid’s club. When asked who the best team in the NFC East is, Hoge responded:

“You have to say the Philadelphia Eagles based on their record and the division win [Sunday night]. Now when you say that, there can’t be a more uncertain team, too. But based on their record, and beating the Giants, without a question — well, with a little bit of a question — they are the best team in this division.”

ESPN’s Ashley Fox provides a more positive outlook on the Eagles at the quarter pole:

Just in the month of September, Vick orchestrated three fourth-quarter comebacks and three game-winning drives — at Cleveland, against Baltimore and then against the Giants. Last season, Vick had zero fourth-quarter comebacks and zero game-winning drives. In 2010, the season he supplanted Kevin Kolb as the Eagles’ starter, he had four fourth-quarter comebacks and three game-winning drives.

Say what you want about all of the turnovers — nine in the first three games, and zero last night — but Vick has been clutch. His confidence has trickled down to the offense, the defense and the special teams. The Eagles have won three games by a combined four points. They have played well at times and horrendously at times, but the end result is what ultimately matters.

Peter King named Kevin Kolb as one of his Offensive Players of the Week.

For dealing with the adversity of an eight-sack afternoon, for coming from 13 points down, for going 29 of 48 for 324 yards, with three touchdowns and two interceptions, and for getting the Cards to 4-0. The play I liked most: With Arizona down 21-14 with 29 seconds left in the fourth quarter, on 4th-and-10 from the Miami 15, Kolb zipped a pass to the right for Andre Roberts, who toe-tapped inside the pylon for his second touchdown of the quarter, forcing overtime. A Jay Feely field goal won it in overtime.

The Steelers, sitting at 1-2 and coming off a bye, are sure to present a big challenge to the Eagles this week. They appear to be getting healthier as well, as Troy Polamalu and James Harrison both practiced Monday. From PFT:

The veterans have missed both of the team’s last two games — Harrison has missed all three — and the hope obviously is that the bye week provided them enough time to get healthy enough to play. Polamalu has been sidelined with a calf injury and said last week that he was hopeful about his chances of playing in Week Five.