Pat Toomey Voted for Donald Trump

Toomey waited until an hour before polls closed to finally reveal whom he was supporting for president.

Pat Toomey; Donald Trump

Pat Toomey photo by Gage Skidmore (license; Donald Trump photo by Michael Candelori (license)

Voting just a little under an hour before the polls closed in Pennsylvania, Sen. Pat Toomey finally announced whom he was supporting in the presidential election: Donald Trump.

Attack ads tied Toomey to Trump all election, but Toomey kept his distance. Even President Obama brought it up.

Toomey avoided backing Trump (perhaps to avoid alienating people who didn’t like Trump) but also didn’t slam him too much, either (perhaps to avoid alienating his big fans). He did attack Trump over Trump’s comments on Ghazala Khan.

So he waited until today, at 6:45, to walk into the polling place in Zionsville, Lehigh County, and cast his ballot. Then he walked out and faced reporters: He was throwing his (red MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN) hat in for Trump.

He called it a “tough call” and said he struggled with the decision, but decided Trump was the way to go. “In the end I decided we’ve just gotta change the course we’re on, so I voted for Donald Trump.” He said he was confident in victory tonight for both him and Trump.

“Waiting until almost the literal last moment to be honest with his own constituents is beyond the pale,” said Sean Coit, a spokesperson for Katie McGinty’s campaign. “Cowardly doesn’t begin to describe it.”