You Can Now Pay John Bolaris $500 a Month for Personal Weather Forecasts

The indefatigable Philadelphia weatherman is offering a new "weather concierge" service. You can chat with him on the phone every day if you want.

Would you like to be in contact with John Bolaris all the time? You are in luck. The Philadelphia weatherman is now offering a “weather concierge” service.

For the low, low price of $500 a month, Bolaris will be in contact with you via “phone, email and text” seven days a week at the times you designate. No days off all summer! Never accuse this guy of not working hard: If you pay him that $500 a month — or $1500 for the whole summer, May 15th to September 15th — he will literally talk with you every day if you so wish.

Bolaris says customers will also be alerted when there is severe weather on the way and when there are significant changes to the forecast.

On his website, Bolaris suggests it is good for restaurants, wedding planners, movie shoots, casinos and, of course, car washes.

There are only 20 spots available for this offer, so act fast. You can sign up on Bolaris’ Weather Savior website.

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