The Philadelphia Area Could Get Snow Tonight

Cheer up, though: It's only a coating of snow on non-paved surfaces, and it's primarily going to hit north and west of the city.

It’s still fall, and it’s not yet Thanksgiving. But, according to the National Weather Service, we could get snow this evening.

But don’t get too worried. “There may be a very slight accumulation of snow on grassy areas and cars later tonight,” per the NWS.

Those items in tan in the above map? That’s a winter weather advisory.

There is more of a chance of snow north and northwest of the city. If you live out there, you have a chance of a coating on non-paved surfaces. Elsewhere, you probably don’t have much to worry about.

But it’s still a little disappointing: It is November 13th, and we’re hearing about snow. Winter is coming.