Mayor Nutter Reminds Citizens Not to Smoke Anything in Parks

Mayor Michael Nutter: Don't smoke weed in public parks — or anything else, for that matter.

Mayor Michael Nutter signed Philadelphia’s new marijuana policy into effect earlier this week. Though it won’t start until October 20th, the mayor tweeted this morning to remind everyone that smoking in public is still illegal.

And, well, that smoking anything in a public park is illegal, too.

The policy banning smoking in public parks took effect this spring. The ban has no real penalty — park staffers enforce the ban — but it is, technically, against the law. “Eliminating smoking in public parks is a commonsense policy that clearly aligns with our City’s existing smoke-free regulations for recreation centers, pools and playgrounds. Specifically, this policy protects the environment and the health and wellness of our citizens,” the mayor said in a release at the time.

And if you’re thinking of getting around this by vaping? Well, earlier this summer a law treating e-cigarettes and vape pens like cigarettes went into effect.

To recap: Don’t smoke weed anywhere outside, don’t smoke cigarettes in city parks. Follow these simple rules, and you won’t upset the mayor.