Work on Phillies Mural to Finally Begin, Now That the Phillies Stink

They're finally going to paint the Phillies mural. Just don't think about the team's record.

Back in September 2011, the Mural Arts Program and the Phillies announced an eight-story Phillies mural for 24th and Walnut. Our baseball team was riding high then, and everyone was into the Phillies. Now they stink, but the mural — which was supposed to be completed last year — never went up. Problem solved!

But the last-place Phillies just completed a four-game sweep of the best team in the NL, and to celebrate they’re going to finally start work on the mural!

Okay, okay: It doesn’t have anything to do with the Phillies’ recent wins. The Phillies told KYW 1060 work on the mural will begin within a week. “Scaffolding will go up,” Phillies marketing director Michael Harris said. “Some of the foliage in front of the building will start to be taken down. They’ll start to prep the wall and prepare it for the installation.”

The busy mural features approximately every player who has ever played for the Phillies (okay, maybe it just features 25 or so). The real reasons for the delay were long negotiations between the building’s owner, the railroad CSX and the Mural Arts Program.

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