Northern Liberties Residents Miffed About Overflowing Dumpsters

Liberties Walk has been issued 15 citations for overstuffed dumpsters in the last eight months.

Residents of Northern Liberties are angry, and this time it isn’t just about teen public urination. No, the targets of community ire this time are constantly-overflowing dumpsters. (Note: They may not be Dumpster™ brand dumpsters.) Neighbors say they’re unsightly, and they smell.

The trash stench is coming from the parking lot of Liberties Walk, the Tower Investments-built, Westminster Management-owned complex across 2nd Street from the Piazza. Westminster has been fined 15 times in the last eight months for their overflowing garbage bins. Except for two recent ones, they’ve been paid.

But paying fines to the city doesn’t placate the neighbors, obviously. They’re not getting the money and still have to deal with the dumpsters. “This has been a piss-poor job of management on their part,” Nolibs Neighbors Association president Matt Ruben told the Daily News. “They haven’t done anything to resolve this after numerous complaints. It’s appalling.”

The new property manager at Liberties Walk says he’s trying to “light a fire” under Republic Services, which does the sanitation work there. The manager blames passers-by for tossing in their trash and filling up the bins quicker than expected.

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