Sixers to Hold 76 Draft Parties Later This Month

The Sixers hold seven draft picks, two in the first 10 selections, in this year's NBA draft. They're celebrating with a ton of draft parties.

Remember when the Sixers were so popular 76 couples would get married at halftime on Valentine’s Day? Well, after the miracle it was that the Sixers didn’t lose 76 games last season, the team has decided to celebrate with 76 draft parties on June 26th. It’s one for each draft pick the Sixers own!

(In reality, the Sixers only own seven draft slots: The 3rd and 10th overall, then five in the second round — numbers 32, 39, 47, 52 and 54.)

“We will have an unprecedented 76 Sixers Draft parties to match the size and scope of what this night means to our organization, and especially to our fans,” said Sixers Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer Tim McDermott “said” in a the press release. “Unprecedented” surely is the correct term, but who else would try this? The Sixers are the only team with 76 in their name. Maybe the Delaware 87ers could’ve tried having 87 parties for some event, but they’ve only been around a year.

Fans in attendance could win tickets to a game next season, or Most of the 15 locations named so far are pretty much what you’d expect: Both Cavanaugh’s Center City locations — get with the program, University City spot! — Fox & Hound, Nick’s Roast Beef, a place called “The Green Turtle” in Newark, Delaware, and a few other pizza and pub joints. Also, The Plough and the Stars!

The only 61 spots will be announced in time for the draft. Currently, you could hit five draft parties without leaving Center City — obviously, what my plans are for the 26th.