Why Can’t the PPA Offer Free Parking During a Snowstorm?

And another cool idea that Philly should steal from Lancaster.

On Tuesday afternoon, when the city’s snow emergency officially went into effect, all of the Philadelphia Parking Authority garages began offering $5 parking per 24-hour period for the duration of the snow emergency.

It’s a nice-enough gesture, I guess, especially considering that the PPA forces you to move your car from the street if it happens to be parked on a snow emergency route, and if you don’t move it, you will be “relocated.” (There are 100 miles of snow emergency routes in Philadelphia).

But the Lancaster Parking Authority does one better, offering free parking in any of its five garages.

Another cool idea that the PPA should steal from the LPA: the LPA allows you to add time without returning to your car. What a novel concept.

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