Baby Born on a Sled In Philadelphia

The best story to come out of the snow storm.

We’ve heard about babies being born in all sorts of unexpected places, but this is the first time that we heard a story about a baby born on a sled.

It happened on Wednesday morning in the Roxborough section of Philadelphia.

6 ABC has the full story, but, long story short, mom Shirley Kim Bonanni, a pharmacist, woke up with contractions about ten minutes apart and thought she had plenty of time to get to the hospital. She thought wrong.

Before long, her husband, Fabian Bonanni, 37, put mom on a sled in order to get her to the car and then to the hospital, because it was slippery outside and because her contractions were so strong that she couldn’t walk.

In between the house and car, baby Bella Sophia Bonanni was born in the middle of Cinnamon Drive. A neighbor, who stayed on the phone with 911, talked dad through the process. Fabian’s parents were there and witnessed the birth of their new granddaughter.

According to 6 ABC, mother and child are both doing fine at Temple University Hospital.

Here’s the full report from 6 ABC: