Job-Seekers Already Hounding Kenney

Democratic nominee for mayor is being flooded with resumes.

They say that to the victor goes the spoils. Jim Kenney hasn’t technically won anything yet, but the Democratic nominee for mayor is already hearing from lot of folks spoilin’ to get a government job.

For now, he’s still ostensibly preoccupied with winning the November general election against Republican opponent Melissa Murray Bailey.

“I’m not obviously not elected yet, that’s really presumptuous to be talking about positions, but you’re almost forced to because the press asks you questions,” Kenney told NewsWorks. “But I’m not prepared to announce anything at this point.”

Assuming he does win, Kenney has started thinking about how he wants to organize his administration.

“”We have a process that we are going through … the main thing is the organization chart and how the government is being set up.  That’s our main focus,” he told the radio outlet.