Alba Martinez Is Not Running For Mayor

Trujillo wanted her to get into the race.

Alba Martinez | Photo Courtesy: Martinez's Facebook

Alba Martinez | Photo Courtesy: Martinez’s Facebook

That was quick.

Alba Martinez says she is not going to run for mayor of Philadelphia. Ken Trujillo, who dropped out of the mayor’s race this week, was urging her to run, a Trujillo spokeswoman told us Wednesday.

“I was sad to see Ken Trujillo exit the mayor’s race. I love Philadelphia, and I love public service,” says Martinez. “However, I do not have plans to run for mayor in 2015 because I am fully committed to Vanguard and to our clients at this time.”

Martinez is currently a principal at the investment management company Vanguard. She previously served as commissioner of the city’s Department of Human Services under former Mayor Street.

A source close to Trujillo said Wednesday he was looking to draft another candidate and support that person financially. His campaign reportedly raised more than $400,000, which he could theoretically use to make “independent expenditures” that would help a candidate.