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Where Do Chip Kelly, Ryne Sandberg Rank Compared to Philly’s 10 Greatest Coaches?

One thing you have to credit Chip Kelly with is this—the guy can stick to a script. After his Eagles turned in their second horrifying […]

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We Interrupt This Program to Announce That — Yawn — Shepard Smith Is Gay

Is Fox News anchor Shepard Smith gay? Who cares? In an unmistakable sign that we’ve evolved into a true post-gay culture, Gawker’s so-called outing of […]

Penn State's Beaver Stadium
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Penn State Did the Right Thing. Now It Must Keep Doing It.

The news that Penn State has reached a financial settlement with 26 victims of monstrous abuse by former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky will come […]

Yes, still. Compared to the absolute destruction on many North Jersey beaches, where homes are still empty and entire blocks have been bulldozed, our South Jersey shores fared relatively well (and I say relatively because some people here lost everything). Still, climate change isn't going away, and neither are issues of flood zones and flood insurance, nor the debate of whether or not our barrier island beach towns will be here for the long haul, and what we can do to protect them (i.e. dunes — the Margate resistance to dunes should continue to be nasty). We'll hit the two-year anniversary in October, but expect this to be affecting policy for a long time. I still hear people talking about the Storm of '62. Sandy will be on our lips more than 50 years from now, too.
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Sandy: One Year Later

October 21st, 2012, was one of those impossibly gorgeous Jersey Shore days, where even though the thermometer said the temperature was in the 60s, the […]

Philadelphia 76ers center Nerlens Noel (4), small forward Evan Turner (12) and point guard Michael Carter-Williams (1) during a media day photo shoot at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.
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For This Year’s Sixers, How Bad Will Be Bad Enough?

There may be a tougher job in Philadelphia than selling Sixers tickets, but it would be awfully hard to find. I suppose the guy who […]

Bernard Hopkins
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PHOTOS: Bernard Hopkins, Philly’s Ultimate Champion

What makes the myth of Bernard Hopkins special is how it continues to grow in unpredictable ways. Even on a routine night when it seems […]

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A Tale of Two School Lunches: Excess in America, Insecticide in India

It was the juxtaposition, I think, that got to me. The first story in the Wall Street Journal told how the headmistress of that school […]

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This Halloween, Don’t Be a Racist Jerk

Still need a costume for Halloween? Here’s an idea: How about going as Not a Huge Jerk? This isn’t so much a costume, admittedly, as […]

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7 Reasons Middle-Aged Women Need to Get Off Facebook

Women make up 64 percent of Facebook’s more than 500 million members, half of whom are reported to log into their account daily. Although the […]

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Handyman 2.0?

So, you need that coffee table from Ikea assembled? Hot soup delivered to your sick brother? The next cubicle wrapped in cling wrap on April […]

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This Time, Commissioner Ramsey Deserves Some Blame

Most of the time, Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey comes off smelling like a rose. It’s extraordinary, if you think about it. Under his tenure the […]

Matt Barkley throws a pass against Dallas.
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Cheer Up, Matt Barkley. Things Could Be Worse.

I watched Sunday’s Eagles game and I felt bad.  Not for Chip Kelly or for Nick Foles or Michael Vick.  I felt particularly bad for […]

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Expert: Here’s Why Healthcare.gov Has Been a Disaster

On Tuesday, the Obama administration announced that it had tapped Jeffrey Zients – a Bain & Co. alum and incoming head of the National Economic […]

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By Gerrymandering the Democrats, You Only Make Them Stronger

Even in this era of political cynicism, the brazenness of Republicans’ recent redistricting efforts—especially in Pennsylvania—seemed breathtaking. To demonstrate the absurdity of the revisions, Slate […]

Lena Dunham
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Lena Dunham on the Cover of Vogue? Is Hollywood Finally Getting It?

Hollywood and the fashion and beauty industries go hand in hand. Traditional beauty operates within a narrow scope, generally suggesting that women are seen as […]