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Inquirer Building, 400 N. Broad Street
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Inquirer Cockfight! How Old, Out-of-Touch Men Ruined a Newspaper

The tragic kabuki dance being played out by the owners of the Philadelphia Inquirer shares a dubious distinction with the Inky staff – all the […]

City Life

Obamacare’s Tech Problems Can Be Solved

It’s been a bad couple of weeks for computer glitches. Yesterday morning, President Obama publicly apologized in the Rose Garden for the frozen screens and […]

Michael Vick and Nick Foles
City Life

Playoffs Still a Possibility for Eagles… With Michael Vick Under Center

When Nick Foles was led off the Lincoln Financial Field to have his head injury examined, it would have been perfect if Michael Vick had […]

Sleep key
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Are You Part of the “Sleepless Elite”?

The White House has announced a “tech blitz” to take on the glitches at HealthCare.gov that have been thwarting millions of Americans attempting to sign […]

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Is Tom Corbett a Secret Socialist?

Is Tom Corbett a socialist? Crazy question, of course, for a Republican governor perhaps best known for suggesting Pennsylvania’s unemployed workers prefer receiving state benefits […]

New Jersey Rep Rob Andrews
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Camden County Congressman Rob Andrews Investigated by 60 Minutes

Camden County Congressman Rob Andrews is having a bad couple of months. In late August, the House Ethics committee announced it was extending its investigation […]

The City, 1919, Fernand Léger, French, 1881 – 1955, Oil on canvas, 7 feet 7 inches x 9 feet 9 1/2 inches (231.1 x 298.4 cm), Philadelphia Museum of Art, A. E. Gallatin Collection, 1952, © Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / ADAGP, Paris
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I Used to Think Léger’s Work Was a Meaningless Hodgepodge [GALLERY]

I have never been a big fan of the French modern painter Fernand Léger. His work always looked to me like a meaningless hodgepodge. I’m […]

American Flag as a brick wall
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There Is No Reason for Anyone to Be Happy About How the Shutdown Ended

Shutting down the shutdown and avoiding imminent default was not like Idris Elba in Pacific Rim “cancel[ing] the apocalypse.” Democrats making victory laps on the […]

Heroin injection

Meet Krokodil, the Dangerous New Drug Narcotics Officers Really Hope Doesn’t Make it to Philadelphia

These days, it’ll cost you anywhere from $10 to $50 to get high off of Oxycontin, depending on the size of the pill and the […]

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Philly Has Its $45 Million in State School Funding. Now What?

So now the Philadelphia School District has its $45 million in state aid—and a bit of breathing room. Now what? The good news is that […]

PA Governor Tom Corbett
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Will $45 Million Buy the Governor a Transportation Bill?

Yesterday’s announcement that Gov. Corbett would release $45 million in education spending was met with both relief and confusion. Since disclosing the money’s existence in […]

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The Republican Party Is Sinking. And That’s Bad for America.

Sixteen days after shutting down the government and less than 48 hours before pushing America into default, Republicans in Congress have finally abandoned their fruitless […]

united states flag and united kingdom flag merging
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Mayor Nutter Is Going to the Wrong European City

So Mayor Nutter is going to London in a couple of weeks. I get it. He wants to improve the city’s business relations. He’s looking […]

Let The Fire Burn
City Life

10 Must-See Films at the Philadelphia Film Festival

I know I wasn’t the only cinephile disappointed that the Philadelphia Film Festival didn’t make IndieWire’s inaugural list of the 50 leading film festivals back […]

City Life

10 Things Montreal Has That Philly Desperately Needs

Montreal is a great city. Philadelphia is a great city. Here, some things that our great city should steal from theirs, based on observations from […]