Hall and Oates Don’t Deserve to Be In the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

And here are five reasons why.

Word has just come in that Philly-born pop duo Hall & Oates is going to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame at a ceremony in New York on April 10, 2014, in no small part because of Philly Mag contributor Joel Mathis and his endless campaigning on their behalf. I like Joel, and I like a few songs from the Hall & Oates catalog as much as the next guy (other than Joel). But their induction into the Hall of Fame is a mistake. Here’s why.

Yes Deserves the Hall-of-Fame More

Yes was in the running for induction but lost to Hall & Oates, and that’s wrong. Oh, it’s true that modern day Yes is an indescribably painful joke of immeasurable putridity; however, their contribution to the world’s musical landscape over time far outweighs that of Hall & Oates. But it’s no secret that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame discriminates against prog rock as often as it can. The voters are just jealous that they don’t have these skills:

Hall & Oates Weren’t Excited About the Idea

Recently, Hall & Oates gave an interview where they made it clear that they didn’t really care whether or not they got into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Fine. I’m sure that fellow nominees LL Cool J or the Meters would have been more gracious about it. Give the award to them instead.

Hall & Oates Made This

Apparently, the Hall of Fame voters don’t have access to YouTube. Because if they did, they would have seen this terribly little ditty, just one of the many examples of awful videos that have come out of the Hall & Oates camp. Hall & Oates made some of the worst videos in the history of MTV, and that’s quite an accomplishment. Give them that award instead.

Oates Shaved His Mustache

I mean COME ON.

Hall & Oates Parodies More Entertaining Than Hall & Oates

You know you’ve peaked when the parodies that people make of your music are more entertaining than the original music itself. I am, of course, referring to Ballin’ Oates and “Deck the Hall & Oates”.