Check Out the View From the Top of the New Comcast Tower

Urban Video Productions dangled all the way up in a teeny-tiny crane basket – so you don't have to.

The new Comcast skyscraper is pretty hard to miss when it’s towering above you – but what will really catch your attention is the view from the top of the 60-story building.

Urban Video Productions has released footage of the breathtaking ascent to the top of the Comcast Innovation and Technology Center at 18th and Arch streets – via crane basket. The height might make you woozy – and the building’s still growing. When construction is complete in 2018, it’ll be the highest skyscraper in the city, home to 44 floors of office space, including a “sky garden” on the 42nd floor.

You can see it now as it all goes up, courtesy of Philly engineering and management firm Urban Engineers.

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