Now There Is Free Wi-Fi at Every Wawa

Comcast partnered with the convenience store chain to set up the network. It goes live today in all of Wawa's more than 700 locations.

Comcast Tower via

Comcast Tower via

While customer service has long been the Achilles heel of Comcast’s reputation, they might’ve taken a step in the right direction by teaming with one of the most beloved brands in Philly. Comcast Business and Wawa announced that Xfinity Wi-Fi will be available in every Wawa store beginning … today.

It will come up on your screen as “xfinitywifi” and is completely free. Not bad. Now Wawa will really be the perfectly anti-social convenience store — you don’t have to talk to people to order your sandwich and you won’t have to waste data on your phone while you’re waiting for it.

Comcast Business is the unit of Comcast Cable that provides networks and communications to companies. They created a special design for this partnership that is specially built for stores of Wawa’s nature. Maybe, just maybe, this is one of the fringe benefits of that new, mid-block crosswalk that makes it much easier to get from the Comcast HQ to the Arch Street Wawa Dan McQuade told us about in February.

For Wawa, this is just another in a seemingly constant stream of good updates. They just revealed plans for a new store in Center City a couple of weeks ago, along with plans for further Center City expansion. They’re looking to go on a hiring blitz this summer.

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