Comcast and Amazon Are Joining Forces

The online retailer now has pages to sell Internet and cable packages from Xfinity.

amazon comcast screenshot

A screengrab of Amazon’s cable-selling page.

Comcast announced today it will begin selling cable and Internet service through the website.. first reported that Amazon has created a page called the “Amazon Cable Store,” featuring Internet and cable TV bundles from Xfinity, the Comcast subsidiary. No other cable or Internet provider is represented on the page.

An hour after Philly Mag inquired with Comcast, the company sent out a press release acknowledging the partnership.

“Amazon is not only the biggest online retailer and a place where millions of our customers shop every day, but it’s also a brand that’s unrivaled when it comes to customer service,” Charlie Herrin, executive vice president of customer experience for Comcast Cable, said in a written statement.

Why join forces?

“Comcast, the nation’s largest cable TV service, could certainly benefit from an on-site partnership with Amazon which reaches scores of millions of customers every day,” says writer Phillip Swann. “For Amazon, it would be yet another prominent product to sell as well as open the door to a possible wider partnership with Comcast.” Amazon, for example, could see a partnership as a means to more widely distribute its Amazon Prime video service.

The products and price packages for Comcast products on Amazon will be the same as they are through existing channels. Purchases made through Amazon are supported by a dedicated team Comcast customer service agents based at the company’s new call centers in Spokane and Tucson; they will work with customers in “all communications channels,” including phone, email, chat, and social media.