How to Take UberPOOL and Not Kill the Other Passenger

Follow these simple etiquette tips.


If you took an UberX this weekend, you probably found yourself staring at an Uber app that looked a lot like this:

This is what UberPOOL looks like.

This is what UberPOOL looks like.

If that confused you, it’s because the company launched its new UberPOOL service on Friday. It allows you to share rides with others at a lower cost. Maybe you liked it and found yourself with a cheaper ride and a new friend. Maybe you sat in awkward silence next to a smelly mouth-breather who totally creeped you out.

Is the service catching on in Philly? Who knows — the company wouldn’t tell me how many people rode the service this weekend or if any drivers or riders complained about the changes. But Uber did offer us a sneak peak at a new etiquette guide aimed at helping carpool riders get along. Here are a few highlights:

Don’t talk politics: With the 2016 presidential race in full swing, I’m basically asking everybody I meet who they’re voting for so I can start a long, drawn-out political debate. How could you look at yourself in the mirror everyday knowing you voted for Ted Cruz?

But Uber recommends that you save the political, religious and conspiracy theory talk and instead have more light-hearted conversations about stuff like “the state of the Philly sports, your favorite N3rd Street boutique, and/or the best cheesesteak in town.” Thanks Uber, that advice isn’t clichè at all. And um, have you met Philly sports fans? Have you seen our crappy sports teams lately? They’re pretty passionate last time I checked. Maybe riders should just talk about the weather instead.

Don’t manspread: Now here’s a rule I can get behind. I’m a guy, I know it’s nice to spread out during a car ride, but it’s just not fair that the person sitting next to you has to be uncomfortable. Just like SEPTA’s “Dude It’s Rude” campaign, the same rules apply here: Stay in your area and I’ll stay in mine.

Uber even provided this, uh, diagram in case you were somehow uncertain as to where to sit:

manspreading copy

Shut the F up: Being near somebody that’s talking loudly on a phone call is super annoying — and if you’re riding in a car with them, it can feel like there’s no escape. So skip the phone calls until after the ride is over. Plus, don’t pepper your co-rider with questions. You’re not their mother.

What say you Philly? Are you digging UberPOOL? Had a great experience? A terrible one? Hit us up in the comments and let us know.

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