How to Get Hired at Top Philly Employers like Comcast, QVC

Inside tips from hiring managers at five of the most highly regarded local companies.

(Stephen Coburn/Shutterstock

(Stephen Coburn/Shutterstock)

A handful of Philly companies consistently show up on job seekers’ wish lists. Eager candidates may even apply to 10 or more jobs in one company, hoping to get a foot in the door with one of the city’s most highly regarded employers.

So how do you get hired by top local employers like Comcast or QVC? I went straight to the top of the hiring chain to find out.

Here is what they had in common:

  • Each has a referral bonus program and named employee referrals as their No. 1 source of great talent.
  • The most important factor in extending an offer was culture fit.


“People who do well at Comcast fall in love with the company, our employees, and our products and technology.” — Bill Strahan, executive vice president of human resources.

What you need to know: “The interview process can be intense. It’s very interactive and competitive, but it’s designed to identify the best candidate for the position.”

Who you need to be: “We look for smart people who think strategically and have a certain wit and cleverness about them. That little bit of personality is what distinguishes really strong folks from the middle of the pack.”

Where you need to go: “About one-third of our outside sales people are hired through LinkedIn. We’re involved in industry groups, charitable efforts and non-profits. Networking and connecting with people is important.”

Who is getting hired right now: Veterans, technologists, engineers, software architects, customer care and sales representatives.


“Embrace the fun along the way. That’s one of our key values.” — Jennifer Ghazzouli, director of global talent acquisition and strategy.

What you need to know: “Review our website. Understand our culture. Candidates that come in to the interview fully prepared with an understanding of who QVC is, what we do, and what we’re all about tend to stick out for us.”

Who you need to be: “Someone who embraces teamwork, who can demonstrate open and honest communication, with a pioneering spirit and entrepreneurial nature. The how is just as important as the what.”

Where you need to go: “LinkedIn is a really great place to start. Have a very robust profile that’s reflective of your brand, accomplishments and experiences. Solicit recommendations through LinkedIn — we definitely read them.”

Who is getting hired right now: Leaders. “Leadership is something that we expect of everybody.” 

Seer Interactive

“I love employee referrals and I equally love people who love the Seer brand, because they found something about who we and what our company ethos is and it’s resonated with them.” — Emily Allen, director of employee development.

What you need to know: “All candidates give a 5-minute presentation. They get to pick a topic. For leadership roles the presentation is longer.”

Who you need to be: “We want to know someone is passionate and if you’re testing, tinkering, and staying abreast all of the changes and developments in the space.”

Where you need to go: “First and foremost, get to know Seer. All team members are looking to meet the next Seer employee. They are very active in the digital marketing space at local universities, at local meetups, on blogs, on social media. They’re not hard to find and they’re responsive. Tweet them.”

Who is getting hired right now: “We’re always hiring for our three lines of business (SEO, paid search, analytics) and frequently hiring for associates and account managers.” 


“Our employees work with their hearts and minds. We make a difference every day in the lives of our clients. Our goal is to simplify their healthcare experience and be an ally to support them through the entire journey.” — Roberta Greenberg, talent acquisition & founding team member.

What you need to know: “It’s a thorough process. We interview beyond skills and experience for cultural fit and connection to our mission. Be ready for scenario-based questions. This is a place for people who want to transform healthcare.”

Who you need to be: “An empathetic critical thinker. Adaptable. Collaborative. Fearless. A commitment to service should be in your DNA.”

Where you need to go: “Our social media pages and website give insight to our amazing culture and career opportunities.”

Who is getting hired right now: RN’s, health assistants, IT professionals.


“Our hires have no doubt in their minds by the end of the interviewing process that they want to work for Aramark! “ — Susan Gunn, senior vice president of global talent management.

What you need to know: “50 percent of our open roles are filled by our [current] employees.”

Who you need to be: Qualified, resilient and service-oriented.

Where you need to go: “Our website, is up-to-date with all the latest opportunities. It’s also great to network with employees who are aware of what skill sets we need to be successful long term.”

Who is getting hired right now: Great culinary and facilities talent, dieticians and strong general management talent.

Karen Huller is the founder and owner of Epic Careering, a career management firm focused on optimizing the career and income trajectory of corporate professionals through personal branding and social media strategy. She is also an Adjunct Professor of Career Management and Professional Development at Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business and inventor of Accelerfate, a mobile job search game due to be released in 2016. Connect with her on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.

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