City Offers Businesses New Details for Pope Visit

Getting employees, deliveries and trash pickup beyond secure perimeters is becoming clearer.

Have questions about whether or not your business should be open during the World Meeting of Families and visit from Pope Francis? Well the city’s Business Resource Center opened on Monday at noon and is providing more detail and clarity on the heels of Mayor Michael Nutter‘s press conference last week. (Check out its website and call center 215-683-2100 for more info.)

The city released an FAQ for businesses which provides some notable new details:

  • Should I close my business? “We are not advising businesses in any part of the city to close. In fact most areas will likely not notice any difference until Friday evening when the ‘Traffic Box’ goes into effect.”
  • Will employees be able to access buildings within the Traffic Box and two security perimeters? “Yes. For buildings within the Secure Perimeter additional security measures will be in place and the U.S. Secret Service has been working directly with building owners and businesses to make the necessary arrangements.”
  • Will I be able to receive deliveries during the weekend? “Given the number of people expected in Philadelphia and restrictions on traffic movement within the Traffic Box we strongly encourage businesses to have all necessary deliveries completed by 6 p.m. on Friday. We are developing a plan for limited, essential delivery access during the weekend.”
  • Will there be commercial trash pickup? “We strongly encourage you to store your trash over the weekend if you have the ability. We are developing a plan for limited commercial trash pickup during the weekend which will be made public shortly.”
  • How can I get a license to vend within the traffic box? “Anyone wishing to do business within the City of Philadelphia needs to obtain a Commercial Activity License and comply with all other regulations including the boundaries of the Center City and University City Special Vending Districts. If you do not already have a Special Vending District license the areas within the Traffic Box are off-limits.”