Tony Bruno Retiring, Josh Innes Goes on Epic Rant

Things got a little crazy on WIP this afternoon.

(Anna Baburkina/Shutterstock)

(Anna Baburkina/Shutterstock)

Update at 4:15 p.m.: Tony Bruno’s website finally started working, so here are a few highlights from his statement:

“I did not quit in haste because I ‘hated’ or couldn’t work with Josh Innes. That is totally untrue. Josh and I have never had any arguments or confrontations during or after any shows since day 1. The modern world of radio and social media has sucked the fun out of doing this due to “factions” whose sole attempt is to provoke “wars” or have listeners “take sides” to anger or distract the process of doing radio every day.”

“Becoming number 1 in a matter of weeks is a testament to the need for new voices and ideas.”

“Andy Bloom and the entire staff at WIP have been nothing but great to me and have asked me for 3 days to reconsider my decision, and finally on this Wednesday, July 8th, accepted my decision. No rancor, ultimatums or temper tantrums necessary.”

Update at 3:30 p.m.: Josh Innes has returned to the studio and said Tony Bruno is retiring. “I enjoyed being around Tony,” said Innes. “I respected him.” Innes said that today is the last Innes and Bruno show, and it’s unclear what the station has planned for its afternoon drive-time slot going forward.

Bruno released a statement on his website but it crashed.

After Josh Innes went on an epic rant during his afternoon sports radio show on 94 WIP, he abruptly left the airwaves. He went on an emotional tirade regarding his reported rift with co-host Tony Bruno and threatened to quit.

“Because of people that wear suits, I’m muzzled. I can’t tell you anything. When I know something, you’ll know something. I’m embarrassed that I can’t come on the radio and tell you what I know or what’s out there, but I can’t,” said Innes on the air, according to this transcription from Crossing Broad. (It’s worth reading.)

Then he threatened to leave the show:

“I’m pissed off about the way things are happening so, we will get into it when I can. I promise. And it will probably happen by the end of the show today. Because if they don’t let me get to it by the end of the show today then I’m gonna have to do what some people do and just walk. I think that’s what I’m gonna have to do at that point.”

I emailed Innes for a comment but did not hear back.

His rant was followed by an extra-long commercial break, says Crossing Broad. The all-talk station even resorted to playing music to fill time.

Innes also repeatedly interrupted Sue Shilling during her news update, which was pretty awkward.

Innes is either really angry or it’s part of an elaborate promotional stunt. Either way, I’m intrigued!

Twitter, of course, went crazy: