Josh Innes


Philly’s Biggest Losers of 2016

Now that the last shreds of wrapping paper have been vacuumed up and the good dishes are finally put away, we revisit our time-honored tradition […]


Reports: WIP Fires Drive-Time Radio Host Josh Innes

Yesterday, a story broke about one of the two big drive-time sports talk radio shows in Philadelphia. The show’s white producers had fabricated a black […]


There’s So Much Wrong With 97.5’s Fake “Dwayne From Swedesboro” Caller

You know the protracted rivalry between sportstalk radio networks 97.5  and WIP (which hasn’t been much of a rivalry of late) has reached a new level […]


WIP Suspends Josh Innes for Jason Kelce Comments

Hot-headed 94.1 WIP radio broadcaster Josh Innes finds himself caught up in controversy once again, this time for his comments yesterday referring to Eagles center […]


Is Josh Innes Destroying Philly Sports Radio?

The following is a typical day on the air with Josh Innes, the new afternoon-drive host on 94 WIP, Philadelphia sports-talk radio’s long-running leader. If […]


Tony Bruno: WIP Owes Me $30,000

Has 94 WIP stiffed former host Tony Bruno? The sports talk host said on Twitter yesterday that Andy Bloom, WIP operations manager, still owes him […]


Josh Innes Gets New WIP Co-Hosts

A month after going on an epic rant, storming out the studio, then revealing that his co-host had suddenly retired, Josh Innes has new on-air radio partners. The […]


Missanelli: Innes and Bruno Partnership Melts Down — I’m Still Standing

Many people lately have asked me to comment on the state of Philadelphia sports talk radio, which finds a competitor station acting out a myriad […]


Tony Bruno Retiring, Josh Innes Goes on Epic Rant

Update at 4:15 p.m.: Tony Bruno’s website finally started working, so here are a few highlights from his statement: “I did not quit in haste because I ‘hated’ […]


BizFeed: Josh Innes, Tony Bruno Fight Boiling Over, Report

1. Where is Tony Bruno? The News: Regular listeners of 94 WIP have likely realized that something has been missing from their afternoon sports radio show over the past two […]


We Want Answers: Josh Innes, WIP Sports Talk Radio

How is Philly treating you more than half a year in? Considerably better than you might believe. Obviously, there are the comments you read online […]