Wegmans Hiring Hundreds, But Good Luck Getting A Job

For its 111,000 square foot Concordville store, it plans to hire 5 percent of applicants.

Photo via Flickr

Photo via Flickr

Attention Wegmans shoppers: For its new store in Concordville, Pa., the popular supermarket is hiring 325 part-time positions. But with so many applicants, getting hired at the 111,000 square foot facility in the Brandywine Mills shopping center will be quite an accomplishment.

When its Montgomeryville, Pa., store opened in 2013, 10,000 people applied for 525 jobs. That’s a approximately a 5 percent acceptance rate, less than many Ivy League colleges. (Yale is 6.3 percent; Princeton is 7.4 percent.)

For the new Concordville store scheduled to open November 8, Wegmans has received 4,000 applicants for 140 full-time positions and the 325 part-time jobs. But more and more are coming every day, said Todd Strassner Jr., store manager. He expects a total of about 10,000 applicants.

“We’re getting applicants from some really great people who are excited at the chance to join our team,” said Strassner Jr. “We look for high energy, passionate people — folks who are excited to join our team and learn.”

The new positions are in a variety of departments including customer service and culinary and restaurant operations. Wegmans is also hiring full-timers for The Pub, its casual family restaurant (Yes, it has a casual family restaurant. I swear these places are larger than shopping malls.)

Apply online here or call 1-877-WEGMANS.