Welcome to BizPhilly!

Introducing Philly Mag's new business channel.


Welcome to BizPhilly! I’m your host, Jared Shelly, and I’ll be leading you on a daily tour of the most fascinating business climate in the country. From our burgeoning tech scene to our booming real estate market to the behemoth in our backyard (Comcast), Philadelphia is full of amazing businesses led by dynamic people with incredible stories.

My goal with BizPhilly is to cut through the press releases and bureaucratic nonsense and answer a simple question: What does it mean?

Two local companies merged? What does it mean for those businesses? What does it mean for the industry? What does it mean for the city?

When I interview an executive, I won’t just ask about their successes, but also their biggest screw-ups and how they learned from it. From failure comes knowledge.

I also plan to talk about workplace and career issues: How do I ask for a raise without annoying my boss? Should you hire someone who’s been recently fired? Is it cool to drink alcohol in the office?

A little about me: Most recently I spent two years as digital producer of the Philadelphia Business Journal, and before that I worked at a variety of publications like Risk & Insurance, Human Resource Executive and the Jewish Exponent. I’ve also written freelance stories for the Philadelphia Inquirer and some boxing stories for a few local websites. I also spent one glorious season as the play-by-play broadcaster for the Camden Riversharks.

I’d be honored if you made BizPhilly part of your daily routine.

Got a story? Pitch me! My email is jshelly@phillymag.com.

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OK, that’s enough — time to get back to work.