WATCH: Carson Wentz Stars In Funny High School Trick Shot Video

A lighter side of the Eagles' rookie quarterback.


(Kameron Wingenbach – YouTube)

Carson Wentz is all business when he’s facing the media, but don’t let that fool you. The Eagles’ rookie quarterback hasn’t been afraid to show off a lighter side on social media. Whether it’s tweeting about how he got stuck in a New Jersey gas station bathroom or joking around with his teammates, Wentz lets his personality shine.

As it turns out, Wentz has always been a little goofy. Look no further than this funny video of him attempting “trick shots” with his high school friends. Watch below.

Amazing. It’s hard to believe this video hasn’t been discovered until now. It’s also funny to see how much Wentz has physically changed since he was in high school.

Kudos to the Eagles social media team for making light of the viral video with this great tweet.

I have a feeling we’ll be seeing GIFs like these pop up on Twitter quite a bit during this Eagles season and the considerable future.