Agholor, Bradham Address Media

"Being associated with anything like that is not who I am as a man," said Agholor.

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Nelson Agholor. | Photo by Jeff Fusco

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Nelson Agholor. | Photo by Jeff Fusco

Nelson Agholor said that for a few days, he was in shock.

He called the early moments after discovering that he was being accused by an exotic dancer of sexual assault back in June “tough”, and acknowledged there were times when he thought his career might be in jeopardy.

“To be honest with you, there were points where I thought an opportunity that was given to me to play for this organization, to have the life I have, could have been taken from me,” said Agholor on Thursday, “so it allows you to kind of be more grateful and have a good perspective on life.”

Charges were never filed against Agholor, who declined to give his side of the story of what went on inside Cheerleaders Gentlemen’s Club that afternoon. His focus was more on lessons learned and the importance of making smart decisions moving forward to avoid potentially harmful situations in the future.

“Falling short and even being associated with that kind of lets you know that you’ve gotta make sure you find yourself again and be yourself, truly be yourself, and that’s what I’m going to do from here on out,” he said.

“I fell short of my mission and I understand that I should have done a better job. But from here on out I have an obligation to do the right thing and be the right person for this organization.”

Nigel Bradham also spoke with reporters following Thursday’s practice. The linebacker was allowed to report to training camp despite being arrested for an alleged assault of a hotel employee in Miami.

Bradham said he is confident his name will be cleared but regrets being associated with that type of incident.

“You don’t want that to be part of your legacy at any time throughout your career. And this is my first year here, just getting started, and I definitely didn’t want to start out with that being out in the news and everything like that,” he said.

There are reports that Bradham struck the hotel employee only after the attendant hit his girlfriend. The alleged victim claims that Bradham was unprovoked.

“How many times have you heard my name going around doing something to somebody?” Bradham asked. “That makes no sense.”