Report: Sam Bradford Will Not Request A Trade

But that doesn't mean the Eagles starting quarterback wasn't upset by the move.

Sam Bradford. (Jeff Fusco)

Sam Bradford. (Jeff Fusco)

Sam Bradford has not — and does not plan to — request a trade out of Philadelphia, according to Yahoo! Sports’ Charles Robinson. However, Robinson did confirm previous reports that Bradford was upset by the trade.

Robinson reiterated that Bradford will still be the starting quarterback in 2016, and referenced the Chargers’ situation a decade ago with Drew Brees and Philip Rivers as a potential comparison. In 2004, Brees broke out while Rivers, who was the fourth pick in that year’s draft, sat on the bench for two years before Brees left in free agency.

Robinson also explained why it’s important for the Eagles to have both Bradford and Chase Daniel.

As for the Eagles’ current quarterback designs, a league source said the team is ready to essentially redshirt a rookie quarterback next season, allowing him to learn and grow inside coach Doug Pederson’s offense. … The Eagles carrying three quarterbacks – Bradford, Chase Daniel and Wentz – appears to be a requirement to secure a patient growth plan for Wentz. Should Bradford go down with injury next season, the Eagles would need a capable backup as an insurance policy against Wentz being forced into a starting role before he’s ready. That’s why the design calls for both veterans to remain.

Peter King also explored the Eagles’ trade up by talking to Howie Roseman in his Monday Morning Quarterback column. Roseman reiterated that they aren’t looking to trade Bradford, and he addressed a notion that has picked up recently about how Chip Kelly couldn’t get the quarterback he wanted in a trade for the second pick (Marcus Mariota), while Roseman could.

“That is not fair,” Roseman said. “Totally different circumstances. Tennessee was not trading that pick. And if you’re dealing with a team that doesn’t want to trade the pick, there’s nothing you can offer them to make them do it.”