Wake-Up Call: Roseman On Eagles’ New Coaches

Howie Roseman explains what the Eagles liked about Doug Pederson and Jim Schwartz.

Howie Roseman. (Jeff Fusco)

Howie Roseman. (Jeff Fusco)

While in Mobile, Alabama for the Senior Bowl, Howie Roseman stopped by a SiriusXM radio show Thursday night to discuss Doug Pederson, the Eagles’ new coaching staff and Philadelphia’s front office.

Roseman opined that Pederson has put together “an incredible staff,” which is now full of coordinators and head position coaches. Roseman also explained why the Eagles’ new head coach was an attractive candidate.

“We’re fortunate that we had the opportunity to be with Doug in Philadelphia as a player, as a coach,” Roseman said. “Incredibly bright mind. Has a history of developing quarterbacks. Being around great teachers of offense. Has a great offensive mind. Really good person. Really fits in with what we’re trying to build in Philadelphia.”

Roseman touched a bit on Pederson’s “blueprint” for both sides of the ball, and explained the hirings of offensive coordinator Frank Reich and defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz. Roseman mentioned Pederson’s familarity with Reich as the two formerly coached in the same division, while also pointing to Schwartz’s scheme.

“And then what [Pederson] was looking to instill on defense: the attacking style that Jim has a familiarity with in Buffalo, in Detroit, before that in Tennessee,” Roseman said. “Also previously being a head coach, being able to have someone there that he can bounce things off of.”

Schwartz compiled a 29-51 record in five seasons as the Lions’ head coach, but he had successful stints as a defensive coordinator with the Bills and Titans. Although Schwartz rarely blitzes, he emphasizes “attacking” and doesn’t require his defensive line to read and react nearly as much as Philadelphia’s has in the past three seasons.

However, one notable Chip Kelly holdover is sports science coordinator Shaun Huls. It’s unclear to what degree the sports science program will continue, but it appears it will exist in some form. When I asked a handful of players after the season ended whether they hoped the next head coach would incorporate sports science, all but one said yes.

Les Bowen of the Daily News also reported on Tuesday that he ran into Huls at the Senior Bowl, explaining that the Eagles want to keep “most of that emphasis.” Some of Kelly’s programs were deemed too intrusive by players, but clearly Jeffrey Lurie found some value in other elements.

Roseman didn’t discuss sports science, but he did say the Eagles are hoping to extend “a couple of other guys here before the offseason is over.” Zach Ertz and Brent Celek both agreed to contract extensions this week, and Lane Johnson appears close to a new deal. Vinny Curry is another player the Eagles seem intent on re-signing.

“The most important thing is that all of us are taking the coach’s vision — whether that’s on the offensive side of the ball, defense, special teams — what they’re looking for for each player, for each position, and then going finding those guys and building a team and making sure that we keep some of our players together,” Roseman said.


The Eagles will interview Brandon Hunt for their player personnel opening.

Patrick Peterson would have been a Philadelphia Eagle.” What they’re saying.

Tim brings notes from the Senior Bowl, including inside info on the personnel head search.


Tommy Lawlor writes that, after a shaky introduction, it seems Doug Pederson has settled into the role of head coach.

Pederson took the questions from reporters and answered them as honestly as he could. The media actually ran out of things to ask. I think they were genuinely surprised at how the meeting went. Pederson gave them enough nuggets for multiple articles. Unlike Chip, he wasn’t dodging questions and playing the semantics game (“I’m not the GM”).

I came away feeling good about Pederson.

I mentioned yesterday that he might have made a mistake when addressing the issue of Sam Bradford and saying “I look forward to coaching him.” I doubt reporters in KC looked at every nuance of every word he said. As head coach of the Eagles, you better choose your words very carefully when addressing key topics like that.

Maybe Pederson was telling us that they really do want Bradford back.

How will Kiko Alonso mesh with Jim Schwartz’s defense next season? NJ.com’s Matt Lombardo takes a look into the future.

It is expected that Schwartz will bring back a 4-3 alignment and likely some elements of the wide-nine front. According to [his agent Steve] Caric, Alonso will likely end up as the Eagles’ weakside linebacker.

“He knows the defense,” Caric said. “He spent that offseason in Buffalo the year playing in this defense. He went through both OTAs and minicamp in this defense. He was in the meeting rooms all season. I can tell you Kiko is very excited about playing in this defense. Kiko can play MIKE (middle) and WILL (weak side) in this defense.”

With Schwartz at the helm, the Bills defense finished fourth in overall defense, surrendering just 312.2 yards per game. Alonso could play a key role in helping the rest of the defense transition from outgoing coordinator Bill Davis’ scheme and what Schwartz will implement this season.


Brent Celek will address the media at noon about his new contract.