Open Thread: Fallout From the Pederson Pick

Doug Pederson. (USA Today Sports)

Doug Pederson. (USA Today Sports)

Now that the Eagles have their next head coach, more reports will likely circulate about who will be on Doug Pederson‘s staff. We’ll update this thread with news, reactions, and other relevant tweets.

5:03 — Brandt, who was in Green Bay with Pederson, recalled his positive memories about the former quarterback. Here’s an excerpt from his story:

I have known Doug for 15 years, back to when I was vice president of the Packers and he was our amiable, reliable and football-savvy backup quarterback. He was not only Brett Favre’s understudy (who never played); he was his best friend, his golf (scratch) and hunting partner, and his eyes and ears on the sideline. Doug was with Brett when we learned of Brett’s father’s passing; he handed Brett the phone to hear the news from wife Deanna. Doug’s presence on the team was good for Brett and good for the Packers.

12:30 — According to Jeff Skversky of 6 ABC, former Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworski was part of the team’s head coaching search committee.

11:20 — The Giants owner admitted the Eagles’ interest in Ben McAdoo sped up New York’s hiring of him.

11:18 — B-West added a few thoughts on potential coaches the Eagles could bring aboard.

11:00 — Eric Rowe apologized after retweeting a (NSFW) video of a fan ripping Chip Kelly.

10:18 — Brian Westbrook with a few thoughts on where the Eagles should go from here.

9:34 — Andrew Brandt mentions the financial relief the Eagles get with the 49ers hiring Chip.

8:07 — Jamaal Jackson has confidence in Chip’s future in San Francisco.

6:35 — Ike Reese had several early morning thoughts about Pederson.

5:50 — Adam Schefter details Chip’s new deal with the 49ers.