Twitter Mailbag: On Bradford, Coughlin And More

Photo courtesy: USA Today Sports Images

Photo courtesy: USA Today Sports Images

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I don’t view it as a prerequisite, but I think it would help.  Sam Bradford was pretty clear prior to Chip Kelly getting fired that the idea of system continuity appealed to him. Even with Kelly gone, my sense is that Bradford would prefer to run a similar offense next season if he stays in Philly. The best chance of that happening is if Shurmur is still prominently in the mix, whether that be as head coach or offensive coordinator. 

If they go in a different direction and revamp the offense altogether, I’m not sure what edge the Eagles would have over the rest of the market. Peter King reported that Bradford “isn’t crazy about Philadelphia the city.” I ride part of the way with King on this. In an ideal world, Bradford would prefer to be in a town that more closely resembles Oklahoma City. Playing here was probably a shock to the system compared to, say, St, Louis. But I don’t get the sense that he is dying to get out of here. Probably fair to say that he’s not pounding the desk to stay, either. 

And so it comes down to: what is the most desirable option? If Doug Pederson brings in a new offensive coordinator and installs a new system, is there any motivation to stay? Would the allure of working with Tom Coughlin/Ben McAdoo convince him to buckle in and learn a new offense in the name of long-term benefits?  In Shurmur, you can at least sell consistency and familiarity, and I think that would mean something to a veteran QB in search of stability. 

The Eagles could always tag him regardless, but I think it’s important to be paired with a QB that wants you back. The coaching decision is critical in that respect as it applies to Bradford.

The Eagles are expected to meet with him this afternoon/evening.

For those who are wondering, I think it’s a legitimate interview. I don’t believe they’re doing it just for information-gathering’s sake, but rather to get a feel for whether this is a potential fit.

There is a real good chance that the Eagles walk away impressed. You’re talking about a strong, accomplished leader that possesses the kind of values that the Eagles want to associate their franchise with. Look at the other candidates…is there anyone that comes close to Coughlin?

That’s why I’m not ruling him out. I also don’t look at him as a slam dunk because some stars need to align here. Coughlin needs to buy what the Eagles are selling in terms of power structure, direction, etc. And the Eagles need to be sold that Coughlin is ready to dig in and push this boulder up the mountain.

People are jumping to conclusions when it comes to the Eagles and Coughlin. I’d let this sit down play out before doing so.

I think he’s an intriguing candidate. But I come back to two things with Josh McDaniels: 1) This is possibly his last chance to succeed as a head coach; with uncertainty at QB, etc., would he view this as a desirable destination? And 2) Is he a personality fit for both the market and the preferred power structure? Because of those questions, I’m not surprised that he hasn’t been linked to the Eagles as of yet.


A little telling, yeah. Paul Guenther, Teryl Austin and Dirk Koetter are also on the list, but it’s been pretty quiet on that front. Perhaps we’ll see some movement there this week.

I think Pederson is high on the list, yeah. My thoughts may shift as I continue to report on this, but right now I have Pederson and Coughlin top of mind as it applies to this search.

Will let you know what I find when I find it.