Open Thread: Reaction Day

Updates from the day after Chip Kelly's sudden firing.

Jeffrey Lurie (Photo by: Jeff Fusco)

Jeffrey Lurie (Photo by: Jeff Fusco)

In case you managed to dodge the onslaught of updates, Chip Kelly was fired Tuesday evening. The Eagles have practice Wednesday, and team owner Jeffrey Lurie will be addressing the media to discuss the decision to release Kelly.

Practice begins at 12:05, Lurie will address the media at 12:30, and players will be available to the media starting around 1:45.

We’ll be covering everything as it happens, and you can come to this open thread to read about and discuss the latest news and updates from what promises to be a hectic day-after at the NovaCare Complex.

3:05 – The locker room provided some good quotes and reactions from key players. Here’s a sampling.

Tim has Sam Bradford, who will be keeping a close eye on the team’s coaching hunt.

Adam talks with Lane Johnson, who thinks Chip Kelly had a hard time communicating.

1:40 – Three big takeaways from the press conference.

Tim, on the new power structure that has evolved in the Eagles’ front office.

Josh, on the pending search for a new head coach and what Lurie is looking for.

Adam, on where Lurie believes things went wrong for the Chip Kelly experiment.

1:00 – Highlights from Lurie’s press conference.

12:10 – Eagles players, heading out to practice without Chip Kelly for the first time in three years.

12:03 – On his way out to the first practice of the post-Chip Kelly era, Billy Davis chatted and briefly touched on the events.

Also, remnants of the Kelly regime remain in the atmosphere at practice.

11:50 – Some morning-after reading from the bombshell firing.

Tim examines what led to the unceremonious dethroning of Kelly, less than a year after he was granted full personnel power.

Josh takes a look at the potential fallout from firing Kelly, and what the organization could lose by letting go of everything he brought to the table.

Adam breaks down the statistical reasoning behind getting rid of Kelly at this point in his tenure, and whether it’s the right decision.

11:47 – You can cross former Eagles assistant coach John Harbaugh off the list of potential coaching candidates.