DeMarco Murray: ‘I’m Very Happy Here’

Photo by: Jeff Fusco

DeMarco Murray. (Jeff Fusco)

DeMarco Murray confirmed today that he spoke with Jeffrey Lurie on the plane ride home from the Eagles’ 35-28 win over the Patriots, but Murray chose not to elaborate on the topic of the conversation.

“That’s between Mr. Lurie and myself,” Murray said, standing at his locker Thursday.

Murray said he and Lurie often sit next to each other and talk on the team plane.

Murray’s comments come after a flurry of reports about the discussion between the running back and the team’s owner, initially reported by ESPN’s Ed Werder, with additional information from Birds 24/7’s Tim McManus.

The general gist of the reports was that Murray, concerned with his role and lack of meaningful production in Chip Kelly‘s offense this season, was put over the edge by his meager 14 snaps in the team’s win against New England, while running backs Darren Sproles and Kenjon Barner received more carries.

Murray said he didn’t know who gave the information to Werder, but it wasn’t him.

Murray did admit that he has been frustrated with his lack of production this season, something he never experienced in college at Oklahoma or with the Dallas Cowboys.

“This is new for me,” Murray said. “Obviously a new offense, a new scheme, and every day I’ve told you guys the same thing, week by week: the more reps you get, the more plays you get on the field, the more comfortable you get. It’s not an overnight process with me.”

Murray denied he was more frustrated with his snap count than excited for the team after the New England game, which moved the Eagles into a three-way tie for first place in the NFC East.

“I wouldn’t say I was disappointed. Obviously, we won the game, so I was happy for that,” Murray said. “But I think every player wants the opportunity to contribute to the team, and especially me as a competitor, I want to have a chance to go out there and work out, and do what I can to help this team. It was a little different, but we won the game, and that was the biggest thing.

“Things were working in the game, with [Sproles] and [Barner], and the match-ups with the linebackers we saw in the Denver game, prior to that game. I think they gave us a good chance to win the game, and everything was working. You had two special teams touchdowns, an interception, and you don’t get quite as many plays as you usually do. I thought the game plan was good going in, and like I said, you’ve just got to continue pounding away and keep grinding.”

Murray asserted he is indeed happy playing for Kelly in Philadelphia.

“Yeah, I’m very happy here,” Murray said. “These are my teammates, my guys. I’ve got a lot of respect for everyone in this locker room, the coaching staff, the ownership. I love it here.

“I feel like I have a great relationship with everyone. Obviously, I’m not a big ‘Rah, rah, rah’ guy; I’m a quiet guy. But I feel like I have a great relationship with a lot of guys, a lot of individual guys that you spend more time with on certain things.”

Murray signed a five-year deal this offseason, and said he intends to see it through.

“I made a commitment to [Lurie], and [Kelly], and these guys in the locker room,” Murray said. “I love this team, I love playing for this team, and I love the fans. By signing on that dotted line, I knew I was going to be here for a long time, and I’m committed to winning a lot of games. Obviously it’s been a tough year for myself and the team so far, but we’re still tied for first place in the division, and we’ve still got a chance to do some special things. I’m committed here for the long run.”

Does he want to be here next year?

“100 percent, yes,” Murray said emphatically.