Eagles Could Face Rams In London In 2016

Photo By Jeff Fusco

Photo By Jeff Fusco

The NFL announced its slate for the 2016 iteration of the International Series in London on Wednesday, and it appears the Eagles might be ticketed for a matchup across the pond next season.

Early rumblings projected the Eagles to face off against the Bengals, but instead Washington will be facing Cincinnati in London in Week 4. The other concrete matchup pits the Colts against the Jaguars in an AFC South in Week 8.

For the third game, the St. Louis Rams have been established as half of the matchup in Week 7, on October 23.

As for the other half of the game, the NFL’s official release simply says “NFC East opponent” rather than specifying which team — the Eagles, Cowboys, or Giants — will be playing because it’s still up for grabs.

The matchup will depend on which team finishes in the same spot as the Rams finish in the NFC West; for instance, if the Rams finish third in their respective division this season, then the team that finishes in third place in the NFC East will be the team traveling across the Atlantic Ocean in Week 7.

As the standings currently are, the matchup would have the Eagles (third in the East) facing the Rams (third in the West), but of course there are still six weeks left this season.