Maxwell, Eagles Back Up ‘Guarantee’

Photo By Jeff Fusco

Photo By Jeff Fusco

Byron Maxwell boldly stated that the Eagles will be playing in Super Bowl 50 during an interview with last week. While he did offer some clarification, the new Eagles corner did not waver in his stance when questioned by reporters Tuesday after practice.

“I don’t back down from anything I say,” Maxwell explained. “I really do believe that we are going to win something here.

“It really wasn’t a prediction, it was more like confidence in my teammates and what we should do. I think every team has that goal when they start the season.”

Maxwell’s teammates shared his sentiments to different degrees. Malcolm Jenkins backed his new DB partner up.

“I think he shares the thoughts of everyone in this building, that we have what it takes,” said Jenkins.

“And I don’t think anyone in this building disagrees with what he said, so it’s not a problem at all.”

Maxwell continued to call his earlier statements just a vocalization of his confidence, not so much a guarantee. Zach Ertz thinks the confidence that Maxwell and Jenkins have will come in handy once the season rolls around.

“Talk is cheap now, last year, I think everyone was saying that they were the best cornerback in the league after Richard [Sherman] said his comments, but [Maxwell’s] been there, so there’s some merit to what he says,” said Ertz. “He’s been there twice actually, so it is good for our DBs to have that [confidence]. I think they have to have that kind of swagger out there, so I think its good for our team.”

When Maxwell was briefed on the Eagles’ history of being unable to win on the biggest stage in football, he calmly noted that Seattle had never won anything until they took home the Lombardi Trophy after Super Bowl XLVIII.

“I don’t think it’s just one person believing it,” Maxwell said of his quasi-guarantee. “I think everyone is believing it. It’s our year and I think we truly believe that in the locker room.”