Background On Foles When He Was a Prospect

Jim Z. Rider / USA TODAY Sports

Jim Z. Rider / USA TODAY Sports

In the latest installment of his podcast, Move the Sticks, NFL Network analyst and former Eagles scout Daniel Jeremiah detailed the process for gathering information on college prospects, and he settled on an interesting example: Nick Foles.

Jeremiah went through his assessment of Foles when Foles was preparing for the 2012 NFL draft.

Some of this might be information you’re already aware of, but knowing what we know about Foles now, we thought it was interesting to take a look back.

Below are some of the things Jeremiah shared from his research.

On Foles’ work ethic:

“Outstanding worker, sets the tone for everyone in the weight room. Coaches had to back him off so he doesn’t get too big. Has a girlfriend from Texas, but they aren’t too serious. All about football. Always at the facility. He was there when I was visiting the quarterbacks coach. He wanted to see one particular play that bothered him from practice, so he showed up, came right in with the ice bag on his shoulder.”

On Foles’ influence with the team:

“Everybody loves Nick here. Has the wide receivers over all the time to watch the tape and eat at his apartment. Pays for their food and buys them supplements. He’s taken Juron Criner, who was drafted by the Raiders, under his wing. Criner doesn’t trust a lot of people, but he trusts Foles. Foles is the clear leader of the team.

“Talked to two more sources with the program. Everyone says the same thing about how much they love Nick. Very well-liked and respected. His attitude’s been great through a very trying season in Tucson.”

On Foles’ basketball career:

“Lettered in basketball for three years [in high school], averaged 15 points and 11 rebounds. Led the entire district in rebounding as a sophomore.

“Several people say he could start for the hoops team at Arizona. He beats their players in pickup games all the time.”

On Foles’ personality:

“Nick has never been in any trouble. Wants to coach when he’s done playing. He’s bright and engaging. He said he needs to improve on his footwork, and he’s working on it everyday.

“Mentally, excellent smarts, knows what everyone is doing on the field. Understands fronts and coverages.

“Overall this is a very likable person.”