Eagles Wake-Up Call: Thomas Surprised, Pained To Be Let Go

Howard Smith / USA Today

Howard Smith / USA Today

Today’s question comes from reader Matt, via e-mail:

Why did the Eagles not bring Tra Thomas back if the unit he was coaching did so well?

Matt’s e-mail referred to an interview Thomas did with Mike Missanelli on 97.5 The Fanatic earlier this week.

When the Eagles announced their coaching moves Tuesday, one thing they didn’t mention was that Thomas is no longer on Chip Kelly’s staff. The former left tackle joined the team as a coaching intern in the spring of 2013, and later that summer, he was rewarded with a full-time assistant position.

Thomas originally worked on the offensive side of the ball, but this past season, he spent time with the outside linebackers.

“I was a little bit surprised just because when I switched over to the outside linebackers, they improved last year,” Thomas said. “The last season, they put up 16 sacks, and then you switch me over to the other side, I start working with ’em, and then this past season we put up 26.5 sacks. Connor Barwin went from five sacks to 14.5 sacks. So I was a little bit surprised just because you can look at the numbers and see that there was improvement in that group. But it’s just the way it goes.

“I went in and asked Coach [Kelly] what my situation was gonna be, and what I was told was that position I had was just kind of something they made up for me to get me some experience on this side of the game, and that it’s not gonna exist next year.”

Thomas added that he had no hard feelings, learned a lot and appreciated the opportunity. But clearly, he was disappointed.

“It pains me that I’m going to have to be looking for work with another organization, especially where it was kind of like an organization that I spent so many years in and wanted to just really continue in that realm,” he said.

Kelly has not been available to speak about any of the coaching or front office changes. When the Eagles first brought Thomas on full-time, Kelly raved about him. But in early December, he was asked how much of an impact Thomas had on the pass-rush.

“I wouldn’t say a lot,” said Kelly. “Right now Tra is doing a lot of film breakdown and things like that. But Billy [Davis] and Az [Jerry Azzinaro] and those guys are coaching those guys on the field.”

Kelly has a staff of 22. If he felt like Thomas could be of value, he would have kept him on board. Instead, Thomas said he’ll look to catch on with another team.

He did offer a couple thoughts on the state of the Eagles. Asked about the Marcus Mariota possibility, Thomas said: “Coach Kelly really likes to have as many Oregon players on the team as possible just because I think they understand his system.”

Asked later about the scheme, Thomas added: “You’re gonna need a running quarterback if you’re gonna run this type of offense.”


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