McCoy On Mariota: ‘We Want To Win Now’

Photo Credit: Jeff Fusco

Photo Credit: Jeff Fusco

During a recent appearance on NFL Network, LeSean McCoy was asked what’d be going through his head if the Eagles mortgaged their future to trade up and land QB Marcus Mariota.

“I’m not sure,” McCoy said. “Because the thing is, we want to win now. I think we have the right players in the locker room to win. Knowing how coach [Chip] Kelly thinks, he wants to win at all costs. So, you never know. He’s a good quarterback, but I think we have a good quarterback with Nick [Foles]. That’s something that we have to wait and see. That’s not my call. I think every situation is different. Some of those other teams like the Redskins, they gave up everything to get RG3. And if things don’t work out like you plan, then what? Who is to blame? There are a lot of questions going into those types of situations where you want to give up a whole draft for just one player.”

While the head coach and owner failed to give Foles a strong vote of confidence at the end of the season, McCoy has now stuck up for the Eagles quarterback on a couple different occasions.

He acknowledged that giving up a lot in a trade for Mariota would be risky, but admitted he likes the Oregon QB as a prospect.

“He’s talented… One thing I have to say is he’s a talent,” McCoy added. “He can run, he’s fast, he can make the right throws, he’s smart with the reads and he’s very safe. As a player, I’m a fan of his for sure.”


A couple interesting notes have come out in recent days about the Eagles’ opening for a personnel executive.

During his show on 97.5, Adam Caplan mentioned that he knows of “at least two people who turned down the chance to interview because they’re concerned about the building.”

And this, from Jeff McLane of the Inquirer:

One of the candidates, when asked why he didn’t want to interview for the position, said he wanted to work for an organization in which the coach, GM, and owner were on the same page. Kelly, Roseman, and Lurie have yet to answer questions or, at the very least, present a unified front.

Kelly, meanwhile, has said in the past he wants nothing to do with cap/contract negotiations, but McLane had an interesting nugget on that front:

Kelly has said often that he has no desire to negotiate contracts with agents. But two agents with Eagles players said Kelly recently gave them his phone number so they could contact him now that he oversees personnel.

Clearly, there is plenty of confusion right now with the Eagles’ new front office structure. Once Kelly finds his right-hand man, perhaps they’ll be able to explain how things are going to work going forward.