McCoy Plays With Heavy Heart

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

There was pain in LeSean McCoy’s voice as he addressed the media early Sunday evening.

He spoke very quietly, often closing his eyes or taking a deep breath as he mustered a response to questions about his fumble or the rushing record or the Seahawks’ approach, all of which likely seemed a lot less important than it normally would.

“Today I didn’t play well at all. It was probably one of my worst games to date since being here,” he said.

“I didn’t feel focused. I just didn’t feel focused.”

While the standout back didn’t make any excuses, this has been a trying time for McCoy and his family. His cousin, Terrell Harris, was killed in a car crash earlier this week. The two were very tight, even living under the same roof when they were kids.

“I really wanted to play great in his name today. I didn’t. I kind of let him down today,” McCoy told Birds 24/7 as he made his way through the tunnel and towards the exits. “That was one of my goals today to really play hard for him. I didn’t.”

McCoy finished with 50 yards on 17 carries. He had a fumble to open the second half that turned into seven points for Seattle.

A four-yard run in the third quarter moved him past Wilbert Montgomery (6,538 yards) on the all-time Eagles rushing list.

“It means a lot It’s something special. I just wish it could have been in a different situation: us winning; me not having a terrible game,” said McCoy. “Obviously it’s a great accomplishment, but it’s hard to really enjoy it on a day like this.”