Mystery Teams In On Jackson?

DeSean Jackson
is in Washington today to meet with the Redskins. According to Ian Rapoport, his visit to D.C. will span a couple days.


Sounds like there are more suitors beyond that.


Out of the three teams mentioned by name, the Redskins make the most sense to me. It would keep him in a major market and within the NFC East, where he would have a chance to play the Eagles twice a year. He also has some family and what was described to me as a “strong support network” in the area.

Oakland would bring him closer to his hometown, but I don’t know that is a good thing. We have spoken to several people close to Jackson that prefer that he stays on the east coast to limit potential distractions. Buffalo would certainly be a fit in that respect, but I’m not sure how desirable of a destination that would be to Jackson himself. We’ll see.

Money will be another factor.  Jackson was slated to make a touch over $10 million this year and about $30 million over the next three — money that disappeared when the Eagles decided to cut him. Some close to him have long worried about his spending habits and financial future in the long term. At the end of last season, Jackson expressed the desire to have his contract re-done to give him more guaranteed cash, even though $10 million was coming his way if he was simply on the roster opening day. However you want to slice it, a lot of money has been lost, and you can bet Jackson will be chasing it down.

If he chooses one of the AFC teams, I’m sure that would be just fine by the Eagles. But I’m betting the other way.