A Few Notes On Maclin

A few notes to pass along regarding Jeremy Maclin as the free agency period approaches:

— When Maclin addressed the media a day after the Eagles’ loss to the Saints he informed us that he had started running, and that the next step in the process was to begin working on lateral movement. He has since reached that stage, we’re told. He is rehabbing multiple times a day. Per team policy he can only be at the facility during certain hours. When he is finished there he’ll head home to do more work. The knee is said to be responding well.

— Maclin’s agent and Howie Roseman have had some preliminary talks. It has been made clear that the receiver’s first choice is to stay in Philadelphia. That doesn’t mean it’s a lock that he is back. Maclin will probably have several suitors, some of whom might be willing to offer more years and money than the Eagles are. What happens if he receives a multi-year deal from Team X and only a one-year deal from the Eagles? Depends on which team we’re talking about and how much money is on the table. Maclin’s camp will evaluate each scenario from a variety of angles before making a decision.

This doesn’t feel like a “highest dollar” situation. Fit is important. The 25-year-old is open to playing on a one-year deal if need be.

— Maclin tore his right ACL back in 2006 as well while playing for Missouri.  Roseman was asked how much that factors into the thinking when deciding whether to commit to Maclin moving forward.

“We rely on our doctors and our trainers. When they tell us the guy is healthy and has a good prognosis going forward, we trust that,” he said.

The procedure for a second ACL tear can sometimes be more complicated. Frequently, a doctor will use the patella from the injured knee to repair the tear. If it was used in the first operation they’ll often take a graft from healthy knee, so you are essentially recovering from two knee surgeries. Such was the case for Robert Griffin III, apparently.

For Maclin, they used a ligament from a cadaver the first time around, therefor the right patella was available to the surgeon for his most recent procedure.

The wideout anticipates that will be able to fully participant in OTAs this spring.