Kelly Addresses Vick Injury, Hazing

Michael Vick appears at practice every day with his helmet strapped on. He goes through the exercise regimen and drops back for some throws during the brief period that the media is allowed to view practice.

But the 33-year-old quarterback doesn’t sound all that close to a return. Vick has been limited at practice this week, per Chip Kelly, and is doing less than he was after originally injuring the hamstring against New York.

“Before when Mike was injured we got him in on 7-on-7 and things like that, but he hasn’t taken any reps on 7-on-7’s this week,” said Kelly.

Is he getting any better?

“I think he is,” said Kelly, “but it’s one of those things where every day you kind of get an update on where he is. I know he’s working extremely hard at it and doing everything he possibly can but he hasn’t taken any reps.

“[You approach it conservatively] a little bit because he came back before and injured it again in the first quarter against the Cowboys, so I think we have to make sure, we can’t rush him back and you have to make sure he’s healthy when he goes because it doesn’t help anybody if Mike goes out there and can only play a limited amount of snaps because you’re right back where you started.”

The Eagles’ have two games — at Green Bay and home against Washington — before the bye week. There is logic in waiting until after the bye before contemplating bringing Vick back. Once he has returned to full health, Kelly will have to decide whether to stick with Nick Foles or go back to Vick. For the time being, Vick is not an option.

Cedric Thornton [knee] was back at practice after sitting out the last two games. Bradley Fletcher [pec] practiced as well.

Kelly on hazing

Given the situation going on in Miami, Kelly was asked for his thoughts on hazing in the NFL.

“I think with all our guys they’re all members of the same team and should be treated the same way,” said Kelly. “I think some of our young offensive linemen make sure there is water stocked in the offensive line meeting room but everybody is a professional, everybody is on the same team. We don’t have a rookie show, we don’t do those things. I think we’re all on the same side. It’s us against the other 31 teams in this league and I think the quicker you can get those guys indoctrinated into, you are a member of the Philadelphia Eagles now and there’s a way we expect everybody to act…that’s the way we’ve always approached it here.”

Has he spoken to the team about this issue?

“We addressed it when we brought the rookies in here, just told them that everybody’s the same. Whether you’re a 10-year guy or a rookie, that’s part of the deal. And part of our job is to make sure the guys get acclimated. And what was it like when you were a rookie? It’s hard, even though they are professionals there is still a learning curve. It’s just like being a freshman in college or a freshman in high school again. It’s a difficult transition for anybody.”