Simms: Eagles Offense Is Bottom-5 Unit

simms_400Even after last week’s clunker against the Cowboys, the Eagles’ offense still stacks up pretty favorably in most statistical categories.

Football Outsiders has the Birds’ offense eighth. They’re third in yards (425.3 per game), third in yards per play (6.2) and 12th in points (24.1 PPG).

But CBS analyst Phil Simms is unimpressed with what he’s seen so far. During a segment on Showtime’s Inside the NFL, Simms listed the Eagles’ offense as one of his bottom-five units in the league.

“I put the Philadelphia Eagles, their offense, in my bottom five,” Simms said. “Why? Not that they’re one of the worst five units in the NFL. It’s because it’s gonna be one of the most fastest thing we’ve ever seen, and what are you gonna do to stop it? The NFL, it’s gonna be unbelievable. That’s all I ever heard, and how’s it working out? Is it just the most unbelievable thing?”

The segment had analysts choose their top-five and bottom-five units (offense or defense) in the league. Of a possible 64 units, Simms had the Eagles’ offense at No. 60. The only two offenses he listed below them were the Cardinals (No. 62) and Jaguars (No. 64).

Simms joined the Jon & Sean Show on 97.5 The Fanatic today and expanded on his thoughts on Chip Kelly and the Eagles.

“I think what we’ve seen has been unique a little bit. I am intrigued,” he said. “Most importantly, I think I am more intrigued about how he is gonna adjust, change and what we will see next year when we watch the Philadelphia Eagles. I’m not gonna lie. I have not watched the Eagles on the coaches tape or anything else. I’ve only watched them on TV because I haven’t had any crossover games with ’em yet. I’m not gonna do any of their games either this season. I’d like to see it on film more to have more of a deep assessment of what they’re doing. So I’m holding a little judgement. I’m not disappointed in what they’ve done.

“Week 1, what’d we see? We saw the Eagles do well in an opening game, really well, against now that we know a really, really bad defense. So it’s typical of everybody, myself included. We are prisoners of the moment. And we thought, oh this is gonna be the greatest thing the NFL has ever seen. And I think we all know, can we all stop that there’s no such thing as the greatest thing coming to the NFL? There’s no such thing. The league adjusts very fast to everything.”

As Simms mentioned, the Eagles do not have any more games on CBS this season.

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