Wake-Up Call: DeSean Breaks Back Out

With the Eagles facing a 3rd-and-goal from the five-yard line DeSean Jackson lined up on the outside to the right of Nick Foles, locked up one-on-one with Prince Amukumara.

Film study on the Giants during the week revealed a tendency in situations like this, and they decided to try and take advantage.

“All week we kind of noticed in the red zone they do a great job of putting their hands on the wide receivers,” said Jackson, “so we figured if I came out and went in and faked that move he would bite on it. “

Sure enough, as Jackson started breaking in Amukumara reached to get a hand on the receiver. But Jackson stopped, then switched into a fade pattern. Foles’ pass was out of his hand before Jackson even made his move. The location and timing was spot on.

“That is a great play we have in our playbook,” said Jackson. “Foles did a great job of just putting it up there and giving me a play on the ball.”

That capped a very strong day for Jackson, who ended with seven grabs for 132 yards and a score.  The 26-year old now has 28 catches for 525 yards and three touchdowns. He has gone over 100 yards receiving in three of the first give games.

After two strong performances against Washington and San Diego to open the season, Jackson was relatively quiet against the Chiefs and Broncos the last two weeks.  More and more, defenses were playing man against this offense and it was proving effective. Jackson told reporters this week that he has been praying for man coverage his entire career, and needed to capitalize. On Sunday, he did.

“If you’re going to play man coverage, we need to have guys that can exploit it,” said Chip Kelly. “He’s a threat no matter where he is, and if you’re going to play man coverage then it’s going to happen just a little bit quicker. I thought he did a really good job of giving himself an opportunity to make plays. We had some good run after the catch from him and then we had that big touchdown at the end off that double move.”

Also of note is that touchdown catch came inside the 20. Jackson did not have any red zone catches through four games, and only had a pair of red-zone receptions in each of the last two years.

This time the scheme and execution worked, and Jackson celebrated with a little Victor Cruz salsa, which he did at a friend’s request.

“Just messing around a little bit. Just having a little fun,” said Jackson.


Kelly put his trust in Foles and was rewarded.

Sheil offers his instant observations from the Eagles win over the Giants.

The defense steps up late for Billy Davis.


Bob Ford says it should be Foles under center against Tampa.

Whether it is time for Nick Foles, who was very good in taking over for Vick, to get the start is beside the point, because this season isn’t about sorting out the difference between those two quarterbacks. This season is about putting Chip Kelly’s offensive vision into place for the players who will still be around when he gets the right quarterback to execute it. This season is also a classroom for Kelly to learn what will work and what will not work from his personal playbook of ideas…

If Kelly is committed to learning everything he can about the NFL and how his system fits it, he should give Vick the luxury of a week off, just to make sure the hamstring is healed and won’t become a chronic problem. He should give himself the learning experience of designing a game plan for Foles, who brings a different set of advantages and disadvantages to the field.

Domo gives the Eagles a B-plus for their overall performance.

After failing to force a turnover the previous two games, the Eagles had four. Nick Foles was impressive in relief of Michael Vick. The only concern was the Eagles’ inability to run the ball after Vick went out of the game.


We’ll speak to Kelly at 1 p.m.