What They’re Saying About the Eagles

Here’s a roundup of what the national media are saying about the Eagles this week.

Peter King of TheMMQB.com offers some thoughts on the Eagles’ offense:

Now, Vick threw two brainlock passes during the game—one an interception, one while he was going down for a sack that was the classic careless Vick we’ve seen at times in his star-crossed career. And this was probably his worst offensive performance of the three preseason games, though his numbers were good. “The thing I’m most proud of is I didn’t approach this preseason the way I approached the last three or four years. I came to play,” Vick said. The Eagles will struggle on defense, but they’ll be a constant chemistry experiment on offense.

Also on TheMMQB.com, Michael Irvin has some advice for Michael Vick:

I think Michael Vick really needs to start sliding. It’s a preseason game and he’s taking these unnecessary hits. You can’t miss another game, and you take that chance for that one yard that’s really superfluous. It’s mind-boggling. It means nothing. The only time you do it is when John Elway did it in the Super Bowl—when the game’s on the line. Outside of that, anywhere else in the season, you slide. Somebody’s got to say that, man. Stop putting your body in harm’s way.

John Clayton of ESPN.com ranks the league’s starting QBs. He’s got Vick at No. 25:

In a fast-paced offense designed to have 80 plays a game, Vick could put up some crazy numbers. Even though he’s 33, Vick still has the running and throwing skills to make Chip Kelly’s offense work. His only downsides are turnovers and injuries. If he’s healthy, this offense should easily post 400-yard games each week.

Pat Kirwan of CBSSports.com predicts a 5-11 record for the Eagles:

There’s a new coach with zero NFL experience in Chip Kelly. And watching his new college principle-based offense will be very interesting. It’s made for Michael Vick, but can he stay healthy? The defense has not looked good enough to win in their conversion from a 4-3 to a 3-4. I expect plenty of hybrid 4-3 looks to better suit the available personnel, but this side of the ball is a work in progress. What intrigues me most: How much fast-paced, hurry-up offense can Kelly run in November when fewer than 40 men can even practice on a Wednesday?

Kirwan has the Eagles 24th in his power rankings:

Can Michael Vick stay healthy for 16 games? If he’s out, can Nick Foles run the up-tempo offense? Is the defensive personnel suited for this 3-4 package? They open at Washington in front of 91,000 Redskins fans.

Chris Burke of SI.com ranks all of the teams’ backfields. He’s got the Eagles at No. 9:

Guys like McCoy and Spiller may have claims to higher spots in terms of straight RB1 rankings, as each is a terrific dual threat when healthy. However, each has a question behind him — McCoy with the young, unproven Brown; Spiller with the rapidly aging Jackson — and is moving into a new offense this season. Those changes could play to the benefits of McCoy and Spiller, but the jury is out until the regular season.

Gregg Rosenthal of NFL.com has the Eagles as his sleeper team:

I like the Philadelphia Eagles to turn things around after two disappointing campaigns. They had more talent than their record suggested last year and they play in a weak division. Throw in the Chip Kelly factor, and the Eagles can win 10 games.

Michael Silver of NFL.com predicts that Vick will rise again:

Now, having beaten out Nick Foles in a surprisingly protracted quarterback competition, Vick has a chance to reinvent himself again, this time as the director of Kelly’s fast-paced, user-friendly offense. Certainly, it could be boom or bust. I’m going with the former. I see Vick getting rid of the ball quickly, making plays with his feet and giving us yet another cool comeback story.

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